Do a little research on the topic first. Learn everything you can learn about writing eBooks. You might even want to save some 'favorite quotes' you find along the way. Your local library is a good place to go look for some information on writing eBooks believe it or not. The digital-age is here. Your EBook should not be too long, but not too short either. They should be between 50 – 75 pages depending on the topic. After you have thoroughly and completely researched the topic you want to write about, your first step should be to create a table of contents. You want each chapter to flow from one thought to the next as freely as possible. Make sure you write as much as you can about the topic and be sure to title each chapter. You could also write a few notes about your topic that you will delete later.

The next step would be just to get started! Start writing informatively and creatively, from your heart, just as if someone were standing in front of you and you were talking to them. Don't just write down facts on a piece of paper. Of course you could write those facts and number them on a page, as notes, then integrate those facts into your creative writing. People will read your eBook because they do not want to have to search for information located in different places about a defined topic. They want an exact, easy to understand, interesting eBook they can print out and curl on the sofa to read, with a good cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. And please do not ever plagiarize. It is it illegal.

Remember to use spell check and proofread it when you have finished. You might even have someone else, such as a friend or relative do some proofreading for you, just for a second look-over. It's always better to be safe, than sorry later on after you've published it. We want to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment. We want anyone reading our eBook to think we are the professional. Finally, organize each chapter into the final eBook. Now you need come up with a Title. Your final step may be to create a beautiful cover for your eBook. There are a lot of free programs that will do this for you! A lot of people do this full time allowing them to quit their day jobs.

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