There was a time when reading materials came in scrolls, and in an even earlier age, the primitive people etched the walls of caves to write down information they wanted to relay. Then came the big tomes- heavy, bulky and expensive. As time passed and also because of the advent of new printing technology, books became more affordable to the average person. Smaller, lighter and cheaper paperback books flooded the market. But the most remarkable improvement that has benefited book lovers all over the world was the introduction of eBooks. EBooks now come in all types of eBook designs and are available on the web for almost everybody with a computer, and even specially designed cell phones.

Ebooks are the electronic translation of a book. It is downloaded to any type of computer or electronic device like a cellphone and can be read on the screen. The first ebooks were prepared for technical subject matters and were restricted to a few and select audience. With the entry of the internet in peoples' everyday life, eBooks also became very popular. There are eBooks for almost every subject matter under the sun and eBook version of all the latest best-sellers by your favorite authors. eBook design, eBook formatting, ecover design are only some of the new areas of skill and expertise that have opened doors for a new breed of professionals.

Ebooks are becoming so popular because of its accessibility and because of the convenience it offers the reader. Buying or purchasing an eBook through the internet is simple and trouble free. Anybody with a computer and has access to the internet can purchase an ebook, its become as easy as buying any other product on the internet. Once you've paid for it, all you need to do is download it and it's all yours, without having to leave the comfort of your own home. You have your book ready to read at any time of the day or night.

You can carry around not only one, but a whole library of your favorite ebooks without worrying about the weight and bulk of printed books, nor do you need a big space for a library to store them. The biggest benefit of ebooks is they are environmentally friendly, due to the lack of paper needed to print the book. As less materials are required to print and publish the eBook the cost of an eBook is generally cheaper than buying a hard copy of a book. Ebooks are fast becoming the trend due to the convenience and ease they provide book lovers.

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