If you've never worked in network marketing before, do not feel bad for being a little confused. It is different than the traditional business model or the job model. Traditional businesses typically have a physical location and jobs usually have someone else that sets your hours. Not only do they set your hours but they also give you your daily method of operation.

My simple definition of network marketing is, “Using word of mouth marketing to create sales”. When you keep it as simple as that, you do not confuse people with all of the legs, percentages and all of the other stuff most traditional network marketers spew at prospects.

When we are acting as professional in this amazing business and we start to talk to people “normally” and simply. When this happens, we are going to see much better results when it comes to bringing on new team members. Remember that people are not fond of things that are not familiar to them. People want to feel like they are doing something new but not too new. Really new and different things scare people.

When you use this definition to explain to people, it makes sense. People understand word of mouth marketing and since there are a lot of statistics that back it up, it is much easier for you to be able to get their attention. If they ask if it is a pyramid scheme, the answer is no. It is not a pyramid scheme and if you say it with enough posture and certainty, you are not going to need a bunch more explaining.

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