With continued use of a computer, you will start receiving messages informing you of errors about your computer. It is also possible that you have detected some registry problems in your computer. These errors may be scaring you stiff since they have potential to crash your computer. If this computer is your source of livelihood, then you can not afford to lose it or have continuously working ineffectively.

The best solution to have the problem solved is by installing RegTool in your computer. You can get a free version of the tool that you can install in your computer. It will help in removing all threats to your computer and increasing its performance speed by just using a few clicks of your mouse. The software has the ability to restore your computer to the condition of a new machine.

RegTool is cutting edge software with ability to remove codes and duplicate files in your registry that are responsible for slowing your system down. There are some recurring links that always remain in your computer when you are surfing the internet. These links, viruses and codes of sites you visit keep increasing over time. This gives the processor a more complicated task of having to go through a big number of files to get the particular one you are looking for.

The RegTool has scans and repairs all the faulty registry entries behind making your computer freeze, crash or slow down. The utilization program of this tool is simple. You will be capable of detecting the problems in your computer. It will get rid of duplicate entries, corrupt codes, unused shortcuts and some kind of viruses increasing the performance of your computer to the level of a new machine.

The tool is compatible with different kinds of windows including windows Vista which have been receiving a lot of use of late. In case you are experiencing any of the following problems in your computer, you should consider using RegTool. These are:

  • Reduced computer performance
  • Computer hardware malfunctions
  • System crashing and freezing in your computer
  • Reduced speed of boot ups.
  • Receiving error messages
  • When you are often getting errors in Active-X, Windows Startup, Internet Explorer, Windows Installer, System 32 and Internet explorer.
  • Having errors in EXE files like svchost and Isass
  • Having corrupt Registry Files and receiving Windows Blue Screens.

The RegTool is designed such that it can inspect the configuration of your whole computer while at the same time you can choose to set it such that it will detect only a part of it. With the state of the art features incorporated in this tool, repairing problems in your computer registry has become a piece of cake. Irrespective of your level of knowledge, a few clicks on your mouse will help you to restore the initial condition of your computer performance.

Lastly, there are other incorporated tools in RegTool that will be essential too to computer users. They include junk file cleaners, evidence cleaners, IE tools among other utilities like Duplicate file cleaner, Block Active X, Start Up Manager, Uninstall Manager and System Optimizer. Combination of all these features will ensure that you get the best out of this tool.

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