Let's face it! You decided to take up affiliate marketing because of the quick and easy money it promised. Now that you're actually doing the job, it's not bringing in the cash you estimated. What went wrong? Most new affiliate marketers consider the eaching potential and strategies for a successful affiliate marketing program. But, very few think about the mistakes that could cause it to stagnate. For those of you struggling, here's a list of the 10 mistakes you might be making.

1. Overselling –

Want to earn a commission? Generate a lead or make a sale. This is what you've been taught. So, suddenly, “Buy Now” becomes your favorite phrase. It is all over your website with dozens of affiliate links.

Your duty as an affiliate is to endorse the product. Paper-thin, glowing reviews of the merchant product will not convince customers to buy it. They can easily read your intention to make a quick buck rather than help them.

Whatever you write, step back and read it as a customer. It should be good quality and relevant information. Avoid a sales letter.

2. Sticking your fingers in too many pies –

There are many affiliate marketing programs out there. And unfortunately, a large number of them are free to join. The lure of making money is so tempting, you sign up for as many as you can. A few justify it with wanting to try out what works for them.

As a beginner, it's best you stick with two. Too many products at a time are too much to manage for a beginner. Diversification in affiliate marketing can be left for when you've gained some experience in the market.

3. Wrong niche market / product –

Beginner affiliate marketers opt for popular online niches. What you must remember is that most popular also means most competitive. There will be at least another hundred affiliates dabbling in the same niche. Thus, it's hard to find a place among the top search results.

An alternative is to go for a less competitive yet profitable niche. The other trick is to go for less competitive keywords in popular niches. Long tail keywords guarantee better results than generic ones.

Still on the same page, another mistake is selling a product you have not used or tested, or do not anything about.

4. Not evaluating your campaign –

After you have the entire system up and running, you need to track it. If you do not you are ignoring crucible demographic data that can be helpful to your business. You need to know the content that is being viewed, where your sales are coming from, what products your customers are interested in, what devices they use and which are your best converting strategies.

5. Neglecting social media –

Social media are viral media. With features such as “likes” and “favorites”, they enable you to connect with targeted audiences. There are several channels that you can capitalize on for affiliate marketing.

To start, work with a few popular and relevant social channels as you will have to maintain them. Set up a separate business account. You can also link it to your personal account, if you think it gives your affiliate marketing business a real face.

So, do not let your mistakes pull you down. Let them be the stepping stones to your success.

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