Setting Goals Helps Sales

Often when sitting with a client or talking over Skype with a coaching student a common question that is asked is “Can I make a full-time income on eBay or Amazon?”. Now of course we all know this is possible, so I will ask back “How much do you need to earn on a yearly, monthly, weekly, daily basis?” Some people come back with an answer, but normally the reply is enough to live on – sorry this does not help you at you. So this is where the setting of goals will help you define the exact amount.

You need to look at what you are earning right now and decide can I live on that or can I live on less or do I need more. Once you have worked out the yearly total, you then break this down into monthly, weekly and then daily – yes to be successful you need to be that exact. Now you need to write this down in the present tense. Such as “I earn £ xxxxx.oo a year. By doing this it helps your brain reach this totally – try it is works as long as you believe it and then put in the work to reach it.

Next you need to look at the products you are selling or hope to sell and work out the profit on each one you sell. Yes I know you may be selling hundreds of products so for now work it on the top-selling products. Once you know the total profit after all costs have been removed, will give you an exact figure. So for example let us say you need to earn £ 100.00 a day and the average profit on your products is £ 10.00 you need to sell 10 items a day. Yes it is that simple. So on your goal sheet you need to put “I am selling 10 items a day”

Now you can go a bit more in-depth and see how many visits you have to your page and work out for every 10 visits you make a sale. This equal 100 visits makes 10 sales.

Very simple, but also very powerful. Of course once you have hot the original goal you set yourself, you then up the goals a bit and soon you will be reaching this goal. Now there may come a time when you may hit the top end of the goal and it does not seem to go any higher. You could try adding higher profit products, do some more marketing.

Goal setting is a very important part of the day-to-day running of not just your business but also your personal life. We all need goals and targets to reach. But another important thing to remember is that when you are setting these goals they need to be reachable and so far out you give up on them in the early stages. Also if you do not reach a goal do not beat yourself up, tomorrow is a new day and beginning. But what I would say is, if you fail to reach the goal time after time re-visit it, and set yourself a more realistic one.

So in closing start setting those goals for your business and then see what happens to those sales figures.

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