Being an entrepreneur has many moving parts. One key element to your success is how you think about your prospective customers and clients. My profession, network marketing, entails two key components. The first is to build and support a customer base, which means people who choose to use and enjoy the products made by the company that I represent. The other component is the team I build of like-minded entrepreneurs who use and distribute the products. Naturally, they are called distributors.

Regarding these two key groups, I'd like to guide you to consider an important distinction. If your profession is something other than network marketing, I'm sure you can extrapolate from my suggestions and apply them to your type of business.

Do you think that you want to “get” customers. That word makes me very uncomfortable. I suggest that if this is your mindset, that perhaps your perspective customers feel the same way as I do.

Instead of “getting” customers, a mindset that I love and try to adhere to every day is that I love to serve people who are open to benefitting from my company's products. My intent is to be committed to guiding people to having the best experience possible in using the products that they select. This often happens with my expert guidance, which is based on my experience over the years using the products and learning how best to recommend them to others. I may “get” joy, and I may “get” satisfaction, but I do not objectify my customers in this equation.

Regarding your prospective associates, do you want to “get” new distributors for your team? That image conjures in my mind a hunter in the bush who is in search of defenseless animals. I shudder at the thought.

On the contrary, what if your mind was to connect with fantastic people, develop relationships with them, and for the people for what becoming a distributor makes sense to themselves , to then groom them to success and help them get their goals met? What if your mindset was to develop a thriving organization as you continue to become a more effective leader?

With this mindset, I think what we “get” are happy customers and happy associates who are thriving in your organization. When people are happy, the entire organization works better. Get it?

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