We are using our computers for so many different tasks and in order to protect our computers and we are encouraged to make a choice from a whole list of registry cleaners to help improve their efficiency. However, in today's technological age we are often presented with the latest online gadget that is going to save us time and money. Do not believe everything you read at first sight. Do not take the first offer presented to you. Do your research otherwise you could very well find yourself losing your time and money.

So what exactly is a registry cleaner and is it going to make your life any easier? We'll explore the tasks that makers claim their software can achieve and then look at whether you really need one for your PC.

Registry cleaners are pieces of software that help you “clean up” your computer. What they do is remove items from the Windows Registry that are no longer required. We are all guilty of adding a variety of software to our computer and yet in many cases we never use them. Although we take the step in deleting some of this software, parts of it can still be found on your computer. Over time, your PC starts to slow down or completely freeze and you could find yourself feeling frustrated. You may even consider threatening to throw the thing out of the nearest window.

A registry cleaner will identify the errors which are contributing to this situation. It then goes one step further. It can resolve those errors by cleaning up your computer and you will find your PC runs quicker and more efficiently. Some registry cleaners will present you with the list of errors giving you control over how you want to proceed before cleaning.

But what is the alternative to using registry cleaners?

You can attempt to fix the problem yourself but unless you are technically savvy, this could take hours of your time with no guarantee that you will solve the issue. You could have a technician take away your PC, returning it a few days later together with an invoice that leaves you wondering whether the whole exercise was worth it.

For a reliably small investment, you can opt to use a registry cleaner that will run automatically, ensuring your PC's performance is fully optimized.

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