Are you looking for ways to turn your existing eBook into more products? Do you want more people to love your eBook? Are you looking for more ways to sell your eBook?

One of the best ways to achieve those things is to turn your eBooks into Videos.

Of course, there are different types of videos. You can turn your book into a webinar style video or into a lecture style video or even into an interview style. Each of these styles has their advantages and their disadvantages.

In this article we're going to concentrate on the easiest method to convert your eBook or book into a video.

One of the techniques you could use would be simply to read your eBook. This is basically the same technique you would use to create an audio book. Unfortunately, it really does not work well. Remember that your audience has been raised on television. They know what to expect. They know what an appropriate use of the media is and what is being chintzy or cheap.

And reading out your eBook generally is seen as boring and a poor use of the media.

One of the issues you need to address is that a video typically lasts one half hour to one hour long. At most, your video should not exceed the three hour period. There is a reason that most movies run between one and half and two hours long. And no, it is not just because they are expecting to sell it to television.

On the other hand, reading an executive length book aloud will take you three to six hours. Which is long for a video.

Books and video are different media. One to one conversion just does not work well. You could, of course, break the book into chapters and record each chapter as a video. But there is a better way. Instead you need to go back to the original outline or content map in order to create a video which actually works.

The easiest way to do that is to use the interview format.

Start by removing the introduction and conclusions. You'll need to create a new introduction and conclusion. These sections need to be scripted because your interviewer will need to provide the introduction and conclusion. Then count the number of paragraphs you have in the rest of the book and also the number of words. Divide the number of words by 100 to get the approximate number of minutes you would need to cover the whole book. That will give you a feel for the level of detail you can actually cover in the interview.

Now take and break the book up into sections based on the outline. At each section write down a question that the section answers. You now have the script that the interviewer will use.

All you need now is to find someone, have them interview you in front of a camera (or two) and then answer their questions. Keep a clock in your view to help you time your responses. You should do this several times as practice. Record all versions, however, to help your editor. Do not worry about mistakes though. Fixing them is the editor's job. Just re-ask and re-answer the question.

All you need to do then is to edit the results, add music, an introduction and credits and then publish it.

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