There are many ways to maximize your prospecting results but you have to embrace the fact that if you do not know someone's problems, then you can not provide them with solutions.

How to Determine Someone's Reason or Why I use this line a lot: “Do you keep your options open when it comes to making money?” Now, if they respond positively, MOST times, I will ask them why. This allows me to know how to position the opportunity as you should solely focus on “what's in it for them?”. To Why Or Not To Why, That is the Question In most of my training, to gain MLM prospecting results, I suggest finding out why the other person is considering or is open to a home business. This gives you the keys to the kingdom on how to recruit them into your network marketing business, however, there are times where it might make more sense to skip the invite versus attempt to figure out their reason why. The best way to find out their why is by asking questions. For example: Between money, what are you looking for? (Lethal)

Now, most network marketers have not even been trained to determine why someone would be open to a home business so they consistently just throw their link out there or cram a CD / DVD in their prospects hands. In most cases this is not the best approach but in some cases you do want to be faster in your MLM prospecting. Let me give you some examples of scenarios:

Cold Calling Realtors
In the example of cold calling realters I would suggest using speed. If you are calling a realtor that you do not know, chances are that once they forgive that you are not going to be buying or selling a house, they will not want to spend all day on the phone with you. Keep it short with realtors if you are cold calling them. Tell them the reason why you're calling immediately and not ask them about the weather … Get to the point!

Offline Strangers
You meet someone face to face that you want to prospect, do you find out their why? I suggest that you do but only after you've built rapport.

Warm Market
I would always suggest finding out the reason or why for your warm market before you hit them over the head with your opportunity. This is probably the largest mistake people make in MLM prospecting is not hearing the pain before they offer a solution to their warm market.

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