The business of selling cheap domain names has hit an industry high. So many are chasing for the crumbs in the internet world causing some succumb to rock bottom prices to beef up their clientele list. Short of offering free services all the way, the ridiculous prices cause one to stop and think on the obligations and responsibilities once one signs up with them. As such, it is essential to read the fine print as the harder it is to comply by industry expectations and standards, the smaller the font gets.

To attract patronage to their sites, these service providers throw in cheap or even free hosting plus other services upon signup of their cheap domain. Most sites impose domain registration charges on an annual basis. Since some do charge on a monthly basis, it is imperative to confirm which is which before signing on the dotted line. Name categories are divided into general and country levels. The former is basically a string of user chosen name combined with an internationally recognized extension. The latter is similar in nature with the addition of the country extension. To qualify for approval to register country level domain names, respective regional authorities may require proof of company existence within the countries' shores. Charges may fluctuate between general and country level domain as home-based names may carry more value than stateless ones.

Every name has the potential to draw attention given the right circumstances. A significant influence to world leadership or the entertainment industry can cause a name to be snapped up as a domain name. As such, some make it their business to invest a small sum in domain registration charges for a bunch of cheap domain names until such time arises to cash in on the profits. Akin to trading on the stock market, this form of buying into the future enables one to dream of hitting the jackpot one fine day.

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