Writing articles and checking on websites and blogs is what the Spirit requires of me and that means starting on the computer as early as 3 or 4 am and spending a lot of time on it during the day. My eyes get tired and as an older person it is not easy for me to read black keyboards, especially when the letters begin to fade. My computers also wear out as the face of the keys take a lot of tapping during the years after purchase.

My current computer suits me fine, but now it can not be replaced as the company no longer produces them. A different brand computer sets in my draw and it has a backlit keyboard, but the problem is the keys are too small and mistakes are easily made on it. It is not a comfortable machine to type on. Also the output is not the same and it takes longer to produce an article on it ..

When called by Spirit to tear down the wall of confusion that sits over the world it involved years of typing and publishing. Gradually the work has built into a huge volume of information that is part of the plan for the last days, a time we are now in. It is published on the Internet where the truth concerning all things is available to everyone. It is called Mount Zion and prophecies state it will appear in the last days and all people will flow to it (Micah 4: 1).

This is what the plan of the Spirit of the Universe had in mind and the fact that it has happened and that all people are back who has ever lived, as my reincarnation shows, is the reason for the massive spike in population. Working to get all the things shown to me out for others to read involves a lot of typing and in the end it will get done, with or without a backlit computer keyboard.

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