As I consider the fact that I'd like to expand my association with this wonderful group of individuals; that I'd love to have more of them in my sphere and on my business team, a number of defining characteristics come to mind.

Without a doubt, they have 24/7 connections to family, friends, entertainment, and the entire world, via the internet. And, like it or not, they are propelling a significant number of us with them. Research highlights the fact that the larger percentage of Millennials (also known as GenY), because of their desire for flexibility, economic security, and purposeful labor, does not believe in traditional 9-to-5 jobs. Consequently, freelancing and self-employment are absolutely sparking interest and on the rise.

Attracting Millennials to my or any home business opportunity may not be a slam dunk phenomenon, however. In fact, I've come to appreciate the fact that, like anyone and everyone else, it is essential for them to feel like they are being understood.

The following five points, gleaned from involvement with four Millennials in my circles, are valuable guide posts. They have also served me well when I communicate with anyone, no matter his or her generation; especially with those who are classified 'Millennials.'

Keep messages short and meaningful

When communicating with regards to home business opportunities, short and informative are key. The more concise the message, the more likely it is that there will be a connection to the business. The longer the message, the better chance it has produced lethargy, boredom, and disinterest.

Treat each person as an individual

While boomers seem to enjoy our label, Millennials does not typically identify as a group. Therefore, it behooves me, and all of you who see their tremendous abilities and talents to treat them as the individuals they are especially when marketing the home business opportunity.

Select the best medium for communication

Conference and other calls are passé with this segment of our population. Rather, online is where most of their time is inherently absent. Therefore, social media and other online platforms are natural fits.

Nurture interests and passions

Millennials strive to make a difference and seem to have an innate desire to feel as if their lives and what they do mean something. Therefore, I want to help them see how partnering with me and my entire team offers volunteer and fiscal opportunities that impact our communities and world.

Strive to make conversations live

Although Millennials tend to not “beat around the bush,” they do, in fact, appreciate good humor. So, straightforwardness that accentuates the possibilities for genuine independence, learning, and creativity are all noteworthy qualities and characteristics to develop and grow.

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