Surface Pro 2 from Microsoft is an innovative tablet that offers you freedom to accomplish multitasking with ease. It is equipped with an in-built kickstand, ample storage space, Windows 8.1 and RAM, which helps in engaging into multitasking easily. The keyboard covers help this tablet in proving useful for not just gamers, but other categories of users as well. The usability and convenience which this tablet offers from Microsoft is amazing. The kickstand helps in making the device sit up making it work hands-free. With Windows 8.1, you have liberty to explore the many applications and achieve hosts of tasks.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2, comes pre-loaded with the Office Home preinstalled, which covers Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Windows Mail, Publisher and more that can help in doing many important tasks easily. Transition from one app to another looks easy with the OS. Also, the multitasking feature is a rare one to be found in tablets.

With this tablet, you can easily buy apps from the Xbox Games app or Windows Store, but downloading apps from third-parties is not allowed. This feature helps in keeping Surface Pro 2 protected from a wide category of dangers and threats. Also, being compatible, the apps will appear as tiles and come with the ability to integrate with each other.

The processor inside Surface Pro 2 from Microsoft is the Intel Core i5 processor, which comes in 64GB and 128GB models. Inside is a 4GB RAM which helps apps in running quick when compared to other tabs. Also, when opting for a 256GB or 512GB storage, this will offer you a RAM of 8GB, which is a rare finding in the tablet community.

For additional storage, Microsoft Surface Pro 2 has a USB port and a microSD card slot as well, which helps you easily plug in other devices. For those who do not require too much storage, Surface Pro 2 in 32GB or 64GB versions with 2 GB RAM is also available.

The 10.6 inch HD screen of Surface Pro 2 is designed with an anti-fingerprint coating, helping the tablet stay cleaner for longer. The technology used in screen making keeps light refraction to the lowest, helping you view pictures at the best possible resolution display. Using the tablet in sunlight plus offers reduced glare.

The Kickstand with Microsoft Surface Pro 2 now gives you freedom from holding the tablet all the time, and you can set it conveniently depending on the viewing angle. Video chatting and watching movies will now seem worry-free. The front facing camera with 3.5 MP capacity is idea for video chatting, while the rear-facing camera boasts 5MP capability for excellent pictures.

There is also a provision to buy the Type Cover 2 separately that acts like a pressure sensitive keyboard with specific Windows buttons. The in-built track pad helps in quick and easy navigation on this tablet.

Cling onto Microsoft support services

Every device from Microsoft is created with utmost care, but saying these are completely free from issues will not be right. Issues despite rare, but can still emerge. Just to help at such instances are the Microsoft tech support experts . The support offered here is dedicated and is like an icing on the cake for Microsoft users.

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