There are several apple data recovery apps available. Since there are so many, one would wonder which the best all all of them is.

A professional photographer once lost his files accidentally. It was during that time that he was able to recover a big bulk of his work which he had thought he lost completely. He also feared that the name and reputation he made for himself was lost as well. If the files would have been lost, his customers would have faced great dismay since many of what he covered was weddings wherein the memories created could only happen once. He was able to use two other kinds of recovery apps.

One of the first ones he tried was recovery software. He was not satisfied with their customer service since it took a couple of tries through emails and calls for them to take action on their side. It was also found that they did not keep to their commitment of a 30 day return policy. This was successful in restoring Word files, although it was not able to restore the files that he wanted and was looking for. On top of that, he experienced the recovery software crashing several times.

The professional photographer then tried software only to find that it took several hours to complete a scan. He shared that he would turn his personal computer on to start the scanning process only to come back later to find that the program hung. He wasted valuable time. On top of that, he found that it was a risky process since the files that were recovered were in danger of being lost again with the program hanging. In addition, the files saved were corrupt. He was about to lose it.

It was during that time that he was able to use recovery software stated in the beginning, and he was relieved that he did so. He found that it did a better job in keeping files organized visually and that it was faster and more efficient than the other ones he had tried earlier. The Mac data and file recovery software is his favorite. It is able to do a number of tasks.

The situation he found himself in was so extreme that he did not mind paying the charge and getting an upgrade. If he did not do this, he would have lost his livelihood. This photographer encourages people to determine and evaluate how many accidentally lost files are to them and to make sure that they can avail of an apple hard drive recovery.

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