A defening feature of an iPhone 5s smartphone is its available in elegant space-gray (black), statement gold, and futuristic silver, it's designed to evoke the premium look. A new, slimmer design and generous screen size are only adding to this instant classic feel. Confining it into any other but the most luxurious of cases would be a pity.

Luckily, the owners of this newest high-end beauty from Apple are offered a matching leather case which only enhances their iPhone 5s smartphone. Made from natural aniline leather, it fits perfectly, and it both looks and feels luxurious.

With this leather case, you do not have to choose between style and protection of your new iPhone. It will add a bit of texture for gripping, and shell the back and sides of your iPhone, while maintaining its minimalist, slim appearance. And – as leather phone accessories go – the price is quite reasonable.

These leather cases, sporting an embossed Apple logo, cover the device's volume and sleep buttons, but leave the mute switch, lightning port and headphone jack exposed.

iPhone 5s leather cases are available in six complementary colors: light blue, yellow, black, beige and brown, and red (Product) – which is an Apple store exclusive.

These leather cases are made from a single piece of soft, smooth, premium quality leather that is precision crafted over the hard shell to ensure a snug fit. Inside, a soft, color-matching microfiber fabric lines the back of the case and protects your iPhone's aluminum shell from scratches. The transition from the leather to the microfiber is seamless.

It's important to note that – as with any natural leather product – the case can feel a little stiff in the beginning, but the more that you use it, the more it loosens up. The appearance of this product, and its color specifically, can also change over time: that's the nature of the leather products! So, do not be disappointed if you discover it turns black on the edges, as you use it. Rest assured that the leather is premium quality non-stitched leather: it has a nice soft texture to it and it does not scratch; the leather itself is more matte than smooth, with visible but fine structure.

It is obvious that Apple has put just as much thought into designing and manufacturing this case as it did for the iPhone 5s itself. Your iPhone 5s need not go around naked any more.

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