I'm angry because you let the 1% take all the money, all the properties, all the wealth while you sit back watching TV and playing Xbox. That's right, the 1% percent of the world's wealthy are owning everything while you do not even own the room you sleep in. This is a terrible realization.

You all have become so infatuated with pleasure and enjoying yourself to see that you are not in a good financial position at all. I mean, since when in the history of mankind is watching American idol or Monday night football more important than making your self and your family feel comfortable? I'm waiting. Never except for now.

I look at some of you and I see no desire to make any kind of large amount of money. You all just settle for the minimum amount. You just settle for the hand to mouth life. Money comes in today, and it goes out tomorrow. No savings, no investments, no assets, no nothing. You must do better than this.

Look, you have to understand that when you punch out at 5 pm your job making money does not stop there. Nope, the money making continues, or at least it's supposedly to continue, but in your life it does not. This is what separates you from 99% of successful millionaires out here today.

You've got to know that having a 9-5 as your only source of income is exactly how you stay having to work a 9-5 for the rest of your life. It is not how you get rich and save enough money to buy the mansion on the hilltop. Hell, it's not even enough money to retire in this day and age.

What? You think you can rely on the boss to give you enough money to be able to have the take care of yourself and your family for the next 50-60 years? Well, what if there is another market collapse? Are you going to be one of those who their job this time? Are you going to lose your 401k this time like countless others did last time the market collapsed? Or are you going to be like me or your boss who has money of all currencies stashed away safely within some bank in the Caribbean.

If so, then you have to do better than what you are doing right now. Do not waste your life away in a 9-5. Instead, change your life by learning to make real money so you can protect yourself and your family. Your 9-5 should be for living expenses and for investment money, period.

However, know that you can not do anything just sitting on your ass. You have to be active, you have to put a lot of your energy into making money. I'm sorry but you've got to sacrifice some of the fun things that you want to do and replace that with things that you can do to make money. Instead of being on Facebook for those two hours why do not you pick up a book about money or do some research about how you can get some more money in your hands. Take action today.

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