I can remember it like it was only yesterday. It was almost 10 years ago I was just leisurely searching for items on eBay and I just kept coming across multiple ads for wholesale lists.

At first I thought that I could get a PlayStation 2 for 10 bucks but of course I found out really quickly by reading the actual listings that $ 9.95 would get me a list of contact information for sources that I could buy those incredibly expensive items dirt cheap. Of course since I was still very new to the internet and really seeking to make extra money online while going to school full time and working part time minimum wage as a housekeeper at a nursing home. I searched through the hundreds of advertisements and I found that the auction selling the list of One Million Wholesalers and Dropshippers would be the only list that I would ever need to buy. I got it really cheap and waited for my new miracle CD to come in the mail. It came and I just knew that this would be the online auction purchase that would change my life.

As fate would have it, I was right. My life was changed but sadly I didn't become the eBay millionaire that I was hoping to become by buying high end electronics at rock bottom prices and selling them in online auctions for huge profits. I was able to find some information about finding information describing how to find a government job and using that information led me to nearly 10 years of better employment. The one thing I will say about the list of wholesalers that disappointed me most was that many of the links were to sites that were no longer online and some of the contact information only had mailing addresses or phone numbers for some of the suppliers.

There were several things about the suppliers that I was not expecting to find out. I discovered that many of the sources offering really good prices on the items I wanted to sell had minimum order requirements that were higher than my entire 2 week paycheck.

The wholesalers that had reasonable prices required me to have a tax identification number or sales tax license, which I did not. Several items on the list were links to websites that simply act as wholesale directories that give you links to other sites belonging to the wholesalers or drop-shippers.

Needless to say I was quite disappointed but I would not be denied and I would continue to scour the auctions on eBay to find some piece of information that would lead me to the one site or supplier that would allow me to start my successful eBay business. I made sure that I would click on any listing offering to sell me the “Secrets of Powersellers” or anything else that would let me know something that most other sellers supposedly didn't have access too.

I eventually got the idea that maybe since I was spending a great deal of money on information, I might be able to at least make my money back by selling information products on eBay too. Alas I didn't get rich selling information but I gained something just as valuable in the form of experience and feedback that allowed me to lay the foundation for my business. I managed to gain at least one hundred positive feedback from simply selling information products and I began buying resell rights products. I also learned about private label rights products in addition to how to market and sell PLR and Resell Rights products. I became a successful seller of digitally delivered goods. Unfortunately the policy makers at eBay decided to implement new policies that restricted the sale of digital products which reduced the amount of people selling digitally delivered products.

This was good for me because it once again forced me to learn to adapt to the changing market place. I learned that there were other ways for me to make money by making sure that my digital products would be sold only on discs that are physically mailed to the winning bidders. I also realized that I could use some of the lessons I learned to be able to sell things online for family members. The next thing I noticed was that I had a great amount of knowledge about selling on eBay and I met the requirements to become an “Education Specialist trained by eBay” to be authorized to teach the official eBay course materials. I now have an eBay business that provides consignment services as a registered trading assistant and offers courses as an education specialist. I wanted an eBay business and now I have one that is more rewarding than the one I originally wanted because I get to help people make money as well as learn to make money.

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