Homeopathic doctors are in great demand these days. Homeopathy advice too, therefore, is vastly sought. If a homeopathic doctor decides to write an e-book with tips and helpful facts about the subject, patients worldwide can benefit from his work. Homeopathic doctors are often so busy that they have long queues of patients waiting to pay them a visit. A large percentage seeks homeopathy advice rather than treatment. If the same is available online, so much time, effort and energy can be saved. Homeopathy advice is not uncommon in rural as well as urban areas. Nevertheless, in cities, people seeking homeopathy advice have access to the Internet, and if there is guidance available online, it would do wonders for a large number of patients.

Online resources also entail a time factor. Extremely busy homeopathic doctors may not have time to write an e-book and publish their experience and counsel on the Internet. They may prefer the traditional method of imparting knowledge. Despite the long queues, they may not seek an alternative to guide patients in person. If at least twenty percent of the world homeopathic doctors decide to write an e-book about their findings, the wealth of knowledge they would create in unimaginable. There are several ways of doing this. One of them is to hire an apprentice who learns as he or she records.

While the expert guides, the amateur shall be trained. This way the doctor does not need to devote extra time to write an e-book; the apprentice can take care of it. Another method is of recording research and findings on Dictaphones or other such devices. The recordings can then be transferred through transcription. Many medical transcriptional can take up the task to write an e-book and translate primary research into online reading material. Homeopathy advice can also be converted to an online resource with the help of lectures. Series of lectures delivered by an expert on the subject, or a specialist can easily be edited by an author familiar with medical jargon, who can also write an e-book.

In the field of medicine, with innovations and discoveries happening almost everyday, it becomes impossible to record each and every latest development for the world to know. Aspects such as idiopathic or homeopathy advice can not always be available readily. With the advances in technology, however, the Internet has brought the realm of medical resources much closer to the human world.

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