Did you know that even a blazingly fast computer will ever bog down if you do not correctly and frequently do PC maintenance? Nowadays, computers already have advanced systems but cleaning up itself is something that they can not do. If you want to speed up XP computer operation, you can make use of the simple steps below:

Clean Computer Disk Space Regularly

We store all of our computer files in the hard disk, and computer hard disk saves all types of files, whether we use them or not. Each time you use your computer, files stored in your hard disk are building up. Occasionally, your system will be processing and running slow and slower because there will be less and less disk space available for system processing. An effective way to optimize and speed up XP computer operation is to use a disk cleaner tool to search and delete unnecessary files in your computer hard disk. This will leave more disk space for computer processing. The good news is you can do this without having to pay for it because there are free cleanup tools that you can get from the Internet for free. There are a few clean tools that are popular and highly rated because of their performance, plus they are free to download. You have to install and run this clean utility to remove all the useless files in your hard disk.

Use Defragmenter

Fragmented files can slow down the overall operation of your system. Opening fragmented files takes a lot of time to be opened because they are scattered all over your hard disk. To defrag your files and speed up XP computer processing, use the computer's Disk Defragmenter feature. It is a Windows utility that merges the fragmented files in your hard disk to optimize the operating system's performance.

Identify and Fix Disk Errors

Windows XP has another utility called Error Checking that can scan your entire hard disk in order to search for bad sectors that will be removed. You use this utility when your computer starts to operate flaky. However, before you run this utility, make sure that you already have an updated backup of your files.

Inspect for Spyware

Aside from security invasion, spyware can slow down a computer by taking up some space in your hard disk. This specifically has a great impact on computers that are old and do not have that much memory. By using a spyware removal software, you can greatly speed up XP computer performance that contains spyware.

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