Sometimes, you need ideas about how to improve computer speed and one of the first things to look at is what's known as registry cleaning. This is a way to get rid of unwanted data from the registry's database of settings. The information contained in the tables is frequently updated and failure to remove old entries means that there is a lot of clutter that can slow things down.

You can buy software to carry out these maintenance tasks, so you can get rid of the problems that affect performance. It's absolutely possible to carry this out manually, if you feel you have the necessary expertise. However, you should be aware that if you make a wrong move, it can cause problems you may not be able to rectify.

The registry cleaner will allow you to choose the items you do not want and will usually guide you through the process with a wizard. Typically, you'll remove small Windows add on programs that are no longer needed. These are known as invalid shell extensions which, once they become outdated, can slow up your PC.

As you're unaware of what happens in the background on your PC, these extensions can build up unnoticed until they affect your system's performance. Programs are not always designed as well as they might be and often fail to clean up their junk when they're removed.

Typically, the cleanup utilities will be capable of scanning and cleaning automatically. This means you can carry on working at the same time as your system is being optimized and kept free of junk, without your intervention.

Whilst it is good to know how to improve computer speed in this way, you really do want to feel confident that, if you go wrong, you are not in big trouble. Well, the good news is that these programs allow you to roll back to the previous settings, that you know were working. I personally managed to clean up my computer by downloading high quality registry cleaner software.

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