The Windows Optimization Center is a complex virus that has gained attention recently because of it being offered as another antivirus application. They are created by hackers to do such functions as trick computer users into purchasing dubious software upgrades or copies, making spurious scans of your hard drive and putting out erroneous returns, and even stealing important and critical data about you such as personal information, log- in passwords, and bank account numbers. At first glance you might mistake them for the real thing since they appear as if they are made by Microsoft itself, but do yourself a favor and get rid of them the first time they appear. This virus propagates itself through email attachments, questionable download links and dubious websites; computers that are linked to the Internet but are not protected by firewalls are also susceptible to this type of virus. Whichever way it gets into your computer, it will cause its OS to malfunction and suffer from errors. Often, free antivirus reviews rate How most antivirus programs can remove this kind of malware; your antivirus will be deemed effective enough if it manages to take away this virus effectively and quickly. Read on if you want to learn more about how to respond to this virus.

The Windows Optimization Center appears as a legitimate-looking, but fake, antivirus application that is capable of integrating itself into your computer; from there it will create copies of itself, all the while running in the background silently and generating multiple system errors. It is undetectable because the computer asserts that it is just another user-enabled program. Through its false advertisements, it has gained notoriety among the PC-using public by fooling numerous users to purchase ersatz and useless software upgrades, causing its victims financial stress. Worse, it has the ability to squirrel away your personal and financial information such as addresses and credit card accounts. Also, it pretends to be an antivirus software application by initiating fraudulent computer scans and test results. Such scans and test results are often normal for real antivirus programs that pass free antivirus reviews.

To effectively deal with this type of malware, you will need to follow a few things. First, you will have to employ Safe Mode or rkill configuration to stop the virus in its tracks. You need to do this because it runs concurrently with your OS in Normal Mode. Terminating it via Task Manager is useless since the virus will block the application. Be careful with using rkill or Safe Mode if you are unfamiliar with their use; If you consider yourself computer-savvy then you can understand what to do with these programs. When you have the virus down, you can then proceed to remove the virus itself as well as every file associated with it. If you do not like this procedure, you can use a quicker and easier method.

The “Frontline Rogue Remover” software has been cited as a one-of-a-kind software program by most free antivirus reviews that offers advice on preventing a viral application from operating before you proceed to eliminate the virus altogether. It is a potent and highly-considered antimalware software that is geared on efficiently terminating viral contamination. You will need to install it correctly first, then heed its instructions once it is operational. Once it is installed, it does its job detecting suspected virus infections, stopping them on their tracks and then deleting them.

Most viruses, however, would generate duplicate files that they leave behind in the registry database once they are eliminated. It is important that you get rid of them as well since viruses can use them again when they are reintroduced in the system. To prevent this from happening, you will need to employ a registry cleaner to remove the affected registry settings, options, and keys.

If you heed this step-by-step method and read from free antivirus reviews on the most reliable and effective antivirus programs available today, you can keep your computer safe from the threats that Windows Optimization Center brings.

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