Microsoft Exchange files having .ost extension need to be converted into the Microsoft Outlook files having .pst extension due to many reasons. There are certain third party tools available which help in the conversion of files from ost to pst. These tools can be use for easy conversion of messages, notes, meetings, contacts, tasks, reminders and other information. In order to succeed in this venture you require know how to convert OST to PST.

MS Exchange and MS Outlook both are microsoft products but if for any reason .ost file of ms exchange got deleted, lost or corrupted, it can not be accessed without converting it into .pst of microsft outlook. Microsoft does not provide any tool to convert .ost files to .pst, so user need to get a third party tool (Quick Recovery – OST to PST Converter) to convert inaccessible ost into .pst so that it can be used easily with ms outlook.

This process of Quick Recovery – OST to PST Converter is easily transported if the user follows the lucid step by step instruction that appear on the screen. There are very few easy steps that you would have to go through in order to succeed in this. There are three prime steps that can enable a file to be converted from an OST format to PST format.

Step 1: Download free version of quick recovery ost to pst covnersion software

Step 2: Run the setup file

Step 3: From the Home Screen of Quick Recovery for MS Exchange OST to MS Outlook PST Software – Select or search your inaccessible / corrupted or deleted OST file –

Step 4: Select the drive to search lost .ost file or select the inaccessible .ost files. And click on start button

Step 5: Software will show all folders such as emails, journals, calendars, notes, tasks, contacts, and attachments.

Now you can save these files in any separate drives.

There are many instances which prompt a user to convert Microsoft Exchange files into Microsoft Outlook files. One of the prime reasons for such conversion is the deletion of the user account from the Microsoft Exchange Server. There may also be instances when the server is unavailable for certain reasons. You may also need to know how to convert OST to PST because there are many instances when corruption is witnessing in OST files and getting an access to them becomes impossible.

The user must always bear in mind that there are many things that might result in corrupt storage of files. There is a threat even from some malicious software and viruses and most of these infections are often through the emails. Beside, any failure in the operating system or the incorrect behavioral pattern of other software may also lead to corruption in the storage file. Here, it is essential for you to know how to convert OST to PST in order to safeguard your critical folders and files.

The recovery software available for the purpose of email conversion not only helps to convert only the accessible files but even recovers corrupted or inaccessible files. The process is extremely simple with all the instructions in simple and lucid language. Here, the user does not require any prior training to successfully complete this conversion process. This entire process of conversion does not consume much time either.

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