The following points should be considered before deciding on to select good domain names for your websites.

Website Name

It's obvious that your website should be named after your domain name, but it's not the case many times. Some webmasters don't name their website this way even if they own the domain name. It is however, important to name your site after the domain so that people think about your website by its name and not just any DOT com abstract. In case your name is the URL, your visitors will know what to type.

In the online world, people consult World Wide Web often to make purchases and good domain names are reflective of good businesses (products). You will then have fewer things to let your customers remember and more to offer once they have reached your exact address on their own. To check if your desired address is available in the first instance, you can consult domain (Owning) information on the internet. In case it has already been claimed, you can contact the owner to know if he's ready to sell. Of course, you will have to pay a higher price to get that 'perfectly designed attire', but it will serve you for a life time. If you are new to this business, you can resort to the over-used idea of ​​getting any domain name first and then baptizing your website (or even your business) after this name.

Type of Names

If you are selling cars, it's better if you have in your domain name as people are expected to search with this address for any information on cars. However, it is most likely that serious car buyers already have set a model in mind and go straight to or general for their search. For this reason, good domain names must have a link to your product or brand name.

Length of name

Any name, more or less 67 characters, is allowed. However, good domain names are never too short because then they reveal no connection to products. For example is a pretty obscure name considering you mean is Short names are also less vulnerable to typing errors. But in cases like that of Acme Beauty Products Company when has no relation to the company's products (lipstick and eye shades), it is better to keep the name longer and self-explanatory


Websites that sell products at local level, like pizza delivery franchises, can opt for something other like (.net, nu, .sg, etc.). If you own a bigger business that has the power to cater to international audience are good domain names.

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