Let's just face it, if we've been through a few different network marketing businesses, our family and friends may be a little tired of getting pitched. Even if this is your final build and the best company in the world, they may not want to hear about it. Since this is true, the only place to turn when you are trying to figure out how to build your network marketing business without a warm market is to cold market prospecting.

The Good News

You do not have to walk up to strangers on the street anymore, unless you just want to. You can find people that are looking for what you have and give them the solution they are looking for. Cold market prospecting does not have to mean walking the mall and finding people there.

Using Social Media

You can start using social media to generate a whole new warm market. You can even find other people that are used to network marketing. The truth is that people who have done network marketing in the past are going to be more open to doing network marketing now. Being able to find them on social media and offer them an opportunity is one of the most simple ways to build your network marketing business without a warm market.

Local Business Owners

Instead of just talking to everyone, you can speak with people local to you that are business owners. You already know that they understand a little bit about business and they if they are open, they probably have some influence. You can simply set up a one on one coffee or if you can only get a phone call then just call them and have a phone conversation.

The biggest thing you need to remember is that there are over 7 billion people in the world and with the internet, you have no limits on who you can contact and prospect. Never feel limited or think that you do not know anyone.

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