GPEN is the acronym of GIAC Certified Penetration Tester and it is designed for the security professionals who are responsible in assessing the system in order to find the vulnerabilities and finding the target networks. From this certification, candidates will also gain knowledge in methodologies that are used in penetration testing, identify the issues around the penetration testing, and ability to conduct the technical as well as non-technical penetration test.

GPEN certification will suit best to the professionals who are willing to upgrade their skills in various tasks such as command injection, penetration testing methods, and cross site scripting. There is no prerequisite required for this certification and candidates from any field can learn this course and certify this exam.

GPEN objectives:

The following are the GPEN course objectives where candidates have to practice with these topics before applying for the examination.

Scanning methods and Reconnaissance
Fundamentals of exploitation and metasploit
Attacking methods (web based)
Fundamentals and processes of penetration testing
WLAN attaching methods and wireless fundamentals

The examination consists of 150 questions and the time duration allotted for attempting all these questions is 4 hours. Candidates have to score minimum of 70% or 109 out of 150. The examination may combine multiple choice, drag-drop, re-order, hot area, build a tree, adaptive and simulative questions.

Other details:

Regarding training, there is no recommended training session available for this exam and candidates can make use of all available sources in order to get an effective practice for the exam. Some online institutes provide online dumps, study guides, and E-books at a nominal fee. Apart from that, various practice tests are also available in the internet and also they are available at free of cost. Candidates can download them and practice after their training sessions.

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