Malicious computer hackers have unleashed another dangerous and crippling viral program known as the Windows Optimization Center. It is just like any run-of-the-mill false antivirus software program in that it appears to protect your computer but in truth has already compromised it. These types of malware have been around for a while now and more and more computers have fallen victim to them. Thus, it is important not to have them infect your computer and have them terminated once you suspect of their existence, something that most malware removal tools that pass the best antivirus reviews are more than capable of doing.

The Windows Optimization Center viral program masquerades as a “legitimate” antivirus application that has an unsuspecting user downloading it into a computer and infecting it without his or her knowledge. This happens when your computer lacks the realtime protection of a firewall or you have left it with no defense against rogue Internet intrusions, has spurious program files downloaded in it or has accessed a potentially dangerous website. When the virus program gains access into your computer, it clones itself and wreaks havoc to your OS and everything associated with your computer. It will then initiate an ostensibly needed scan of your computer system for possible infected files and compiles a test result of the scan; then posts an advertisement that asks you to buy the upgraded version of the software program. In truth, the upgrade is as false as the original and it only leads to more aggravation on your part.

Such advertising is frowned upon by antivirus reviews who rate the best-performing antivirus removers available. While the Windows Optimization Center is enabled, it duplicates system program copies and hard disk data for anything pertinent to hackers; Primarily this would come in the form of personal data of the user, which interested hackers would then sell off for a tidy profit. To eliminate it, you must remember that the virus blocks important programs that you can use to hinder its progress. This makes it very tedious to take out because you can not delete it nor exit out of it straightaway; the two ways that you can safely remove it from your computer system is to manually terminate it yourself or use an effective antivirus program.

You must ensure that you prevent the virus from operating further and to eliminate the virus completely by getting rid of all the various associated system files and programs. If you choose to do it manually, you must employ the rkill or Safe Mode configuration to put a halt to the virus' actions. You need to be cautious in using this method if you find your computer skills to be lacking but once you have completed this step, you can proceed to look up and take out the program directories that were infected by the virus. They are put in by the virus in the registry file “% APPDATA% protect.exe.” Once this is completed, you have removed Windows Optimization Center from your computer. A better and more efficient method to terminate Windows Optimization Center is to employ malware detection and elimination software, preferably one that is rated highly in most antivirus reviews. It works by examining your computer files and taking out anything that has been compromised by the virus.

The Frontline Rogue Remover software is considered to be the best tool in taking care of Windows Optimization Center; it is a potent antivirus application that can complete erase all evidence of the virus. You simply download it from the Internet and have it installed in your PC. If you run it, it will demonstrate how you can prevent Windows Optimization Center from progressing and then goes on to purge your system files of the virus. You can then go and clear the system registry of any evidence of this viral program.

So if you suspect your computer has been infected with Windows Optimization Center, do not worry too much. Having a good antivirus removal application that is rated one of the best by most antivirus reviews , and the appropriate knowledge to tackle the problem, will have you get rid of this virus in no time.

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