Why do people want to work at home? Search Google and you will find 4,050,000,000 people today searching “work at home”. Is it because people want more autonomy in their lives, is the government creating a nanny state in its attempts to regulate everything? Are you one of those searching?

Are so many people in careers or jobs that they dislike, are the work hours too long, is it the commuting or low pay, what is the cause for the dissatisfaction people are feeling. Has it always been this way or is it the Internet that is changing people's outlook?

Is it just that there are more possibilities now to work at home. The internet has bought with it more freedom of choice, with laptops and fast connections; you can now work anywhere. Technology is changing our lives.

Are you one of those 4,050,000,000 people wishing you could find a way to work at home? Is that your dream. Is it just a someday wish or a burning desire?

There are a myriad of things you could do, to set up a business but if you are keen to tap into the internet and are looking for a simple way to set-up online, affiliate marketing could be your answer.

You could source you own products, build your own websites, learn marketing techniques, decide on the best traffic sources PPC, SEO etc or follow a tried and tested formula with the guidance of a mentor.

Working with a mentor is much simpler. Your mentor supplies the products, no sourcing required, and they will be high quality popular products. Sales pages will be provided and training, so that you can start to earn receipts from your personal affiliate link while you learn all the techniques required.

With your laptop and internet connection you can work pretty much anywhere, wherever home is for you. We now winter in the sun on the Costa Calida in Spain, so no more freezing winters for us. Then when the sun is parching the land here in summer we will return to the greatness of England. We can then meet up with friends and family and enjoy the best of English weather.

I have an affiliate marketing business that I enjoy developing, while my partner pursues his sporting hobbies of paddle tennis and squash. I enjoy developing different marketing strategies and building my hobby business I find it fascinating and love learning new things. Would this answer your dreams and enable you to work online at home?

The freedom of the internet works for us it could work for you.

Books to start you thinking:

“Ask for the Moon and Get It!” by Percy Ross

“Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins.

“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy .

“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers .

“Profitable Social Media Marketing” by Tim Kitchen & Tashmeem Mirza

“Also by the same author ” How to get to the top of Google

“Turn your computer into a money machine” by Avery Breyer

“Microsoft Windows 8 Made Easy” by James Stables

“The Guide to buying property abroad”

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