I would like to explain the purpose of the domain name and how it's related to the website hosting.

Let start by saying the domain name is like your mailing address. Domains are purchased by the year or more years if you want. They range from low cost to high dollar. The features are what counts. An example would be the type I sell will be low cost and come with many Free features. You get the option of purchasing from 1 year to 10 years for starters. I talked about free features and here is one I like. Along with each Domain name purchase you get a free website hosted for Free.

Now let's talk about what you need hosting for. As I told you the name is like your mailing address, so the hosting is like the mail box. Once the domain name is typed into the internet browser it takes you to the spot where you're web pages are or you're website is located.

If your not to sure about this here is how they connect. Domain Name & Hosting equals an online website. Now you can get all this for just the price of the domain but you will have a bar at the top of you website that has advertising on it. In order to remove this you must select a web hosting plan and they have all kinds of plans, I am talking low cost and you may select these right in your control panel.

Once you have you have this done you will get a login and ID to control it all.

After you have your web address and Website hosting and understand how this part works you can move on to a web hosting plan, website optimization and improving your Search Engine Visibility.

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