Do You Have A Listing Process For eBay?

When I sit down with a coaching client one of the first questions I ask them is “What process do you go through when you list items on eBay” And over the years I have heard some fantastic ways and some very bad ways. But what I always say to people is if you are able to list and it works for you, then stick with it.

But then you often hear the sad stories when you get those emails and phone calls, saying “I just give up, I just feel like I am drowning in items to list, how do people list so many items in a day or week”?

Well one of the reasons is they may have family members helping them or they may employ people to come in and list items, but a lot of the time they are working on their own, have a full time job and family to look after, but what they do have is a fine tuned process that helps them list items fast and allows them to list where ever they are in the world.

The process I use and teach others to use is a process I have tweaked and played with for many years and for me it works and I know there are other sellers who use the same process or very similar. Now this is no magic wand or trick, it does take time, but as you get used to it, it will help you list faster and you will be able to use the process faster.

So let's take a look at the listing process I use to save time when I list items both new and old on eBay.

Step one – Group like items together, so for example put DVDs together, CD's together, plush toys, women's clothing and the list goes on and on. (A tip when you bring new items into the home to list do this sorting process then rather than later)

Step two – Take all your photo's and edit in one sitting. Change the name of the photo from 123456.jpg to name of product. For example Charlie Bear Porridge.jpg this helps you find the picture and also helps the search engines.

Step three – On sheets of paper or using your computer write your titles, descriptions of item and work out the weigh and postage costs.

Now the above three steps can take place over three days or split into morning, afternoon and evening, the choice is yours. But each week do the same process – never do a picture, then list etc. random items, this will make you feel tired and you will get board.

The above system or process will allow you to list items wherever you are and have access to the internet. For example you could be waiting for your child play sport or while your waiting for an appointment somewhere.

The idea of ​​the grouping will allow you to move through your items fast. Let's say you are listing DVD's once you have listed your first one just remove parts of the title each time, then remove the photo and add the new one, then on the description you will just need to change a few bits of information. (If you just listed random items you would have to change the whole layout every time)

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