Technology growth within the last decade has been so huge that things once considered inconceivable are now common place and functions and jobs that once required high skills and intensive training can now be performed by almost anyone. The last decade has seen a huge growth in ecommerce; the buying and selling of goods and services online. While the idea of ​​someone you have never met in person working with you online on a daily basis is now an everyday norm. As companies specialize and strive towards maximizing efficiency more and more companies are now looking to hire people online for certain types of jobs and services.

The database industry has been booming over the last half or so, with the popularization of the Hadoop framework, large companies who previously hired specialist firms to handle their database management needs now have begin to shift towards their data processing in house, while at the same time medium firms who previously did not have any big data are now finding them with increasingly large amounts of data that are becoming harder for them to manage on their own resulting in their hiring of data management specialist companies.

With the expansion and development work done on Hadoop by the community and its free online access to everyone means that Hadoop is becoming easier to use and no longer required years of training or very advanced programming skills. The extent of work being done on Hadoop coupled with rapid developments in the field of information technology and the acute need for handling larger data could very well mean that in a few years big data management could become as simple as using a calculator on your smart phone . However for now despite the rapid development such a solution is realistically many years away and until then some knowledge and training needs to be had to handle your database.

As a result of these changes numerous Hadoop veterans who have years of experience in the field of big data management are now shifting their focus towards conducting trainings for beginners providing a golden opportunity for firms who wish to handle their data needs on their own to train them employees in the discipline as well as for young entrepreneurs who want to start their own data management businesses.

Various companies now provide rigorous online training programs in Hadoop for data management, the internet is also filled with YouTube channels of individuals as well as organizations who have created Hadoop training programs for varying levels and different rigor.

Believing in the concept of different strokes for different folk These Hadoop trainings vary in length as well as intensity. Also since it is not realistically possible to explain everything in one go these trainings are divided into smaller modules focusing on different aspects of Hadoop. While some training courses and online tutorials give purely an overall theoretic concept for beginners others concentrate on different aspects of dealing with this amount of data such as the use of the Map Reduce function and how it works. Yet still other tutorials instead of concentrating on theory teach the use and construction of custom Map Reduce functions in various programming languages ​​such as Java Script and C ++.

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