Drivers in love with car racing on tracks very often wonder about which camera is best for usage on the tracks. These track junkies search for a supple solution for capturing their experience on tracks to watch not purely for the purpose of entertainment by also as an efficient tool for learning that can improve their driving skills. However, not many solutions come with the ability to plug an external data feed such as looking to an AIM Sports Dash, external microphone support or easy mounting anywhere on the car.

So, what is the ChaseCam product and the company? It has been around since the year 1981. The company deals with product engineering for a beamed technology, telecom, and military companies. This company, by utilizing their great experience, came up with brilliant camera systems, which have been efficient and effective for many forms of racing. It is in use in the Grand-Am, IRL, Formula 1, Dakar Rally and Baja 1000 races. With a service provider like this, there exists no doubt in the minds of the amateur racers as they offer incentive support.

Many people are huge fans of capturing videos of vehicle races. However, the systems developed by the above-mentioned brand take these things a little bit further than the traditional videos captured by also recording vehicle data, external vehicle sensors, accelerometers, and GPS place. In addition, all of this uses an overlay and synchronization on the video with the help of software made for this system . Neverheless, to receive all these advantages, you will have to buy a camera, a data acquisition module, and a solid-state recorder module.

This company in the present time is simplifying its systems with the launch of its generation next DIVA, which is a video / data capture device. The DIVA or Data Integrated Video Acquisition particularly combines the data acquisition modules and a solid-state recorder in a box along with many new added features that are helpful in usage.

Its module records the video from about four connected bullet cameras by the company in a 16: 9 or 4: 3 H.264 format of standard definition to an SD card. It also captures synchronized data from its three-axis accelerometer and its incorporated GPS antenna. DIVA also accepts the data from the vehicle data stream and external sensors just as the preceding systems playing an active role in data collection during deployment.

This particular system also features an incorporated color LCD for viewing both pre-recorded and live video and vehicle or motion power-triggered Auto Record. It also features a solid-state structure and design without any parts in motion that makes certain of dependability in hard environments of racing.

The users can use the same bullet cameras, however with video recording hardware and data capture in one box. This new system is much simpler to run as well as to set up than the precedent systems.

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