This is the age where technology is ruling the roost and every day, it is advancing at a faster pace. This makes doing things the old fashioned way, a little difficult and irrelevant. With more efficient and accurate tools available today, it is smart to exploit its benefits and make your life easier. Obviously, it can not be relevant in all fields. There would remain some fields where the human touch would be essential. More often than not, a combination of technology and humanity proves to be an ideal solution. However, in the realm of recruiting, utilizing the most modern technology via the application tracking software can prove very beneficial. Let's look at some of the ways it gives you an edge over the traditional recruiting method: –

Puts the best candidates in the forefront
To get down to the basics, the application process is the process of eliminating weaker mandates and putting forth the best candidates for the process. Through the traditional ways, it was a long arduous process which never guaranteed or assured you of the best possible hire. Mandatory process like the prescreen questionnaire and basic resume-reading where often time consuming and tedious tasks which were highly vulnerable to human error. Recruitment software can easily examine all resumes against the same set standard and make the best efficient candidacies decisions in no time like a smooth walk. There would be no more tiring out.

Streamline the application process
The initial rounds of any recruitment process are extremely difficult. Inevitably, stacks of paper work gets accumulate don your desk. You have to run background checks and resume verification of all potential candidates. It is a daunting task for any HR personnel to sift through all logistic information while hunting for the ideal candidate. However, the recruitment software consolidates all information into a single database which is easily accessible by people with the right credentials and access rights.

Interface with online forms
In this modern age, most jobseekers as well, do not prefer to carry and hand over paper resumes. They always find it extremely convenient to look for positions and vacancies online and even apply for them online. These tracking software are a vital digital resource for the increasingly digital world. It is no longer realistic and viable to maintain a job postings webpage for any company if there is no necessary software to back the page and collect all applications.

Even the applicants benefit from it
The recruitment software definitely benefits the employers. Simultaneously, it benefits the applicants as well. With the increasing improvement of the hiring software, the candidates are finding it much easier to apply for numerous jobs and submit their resumes. In case, his resume is fulfilling the criteria, his application passes through to the next phase without getting impeded by human error or getting outdone by candidates who try to unfairly boost their credentials. The process eventually turns out to be easier, faster and more direct. No job seeker is now required to wait for months to find the end result. They can easily track the status of their application as soon as they are updated.

Provide meaningful data

Recruitment process is much more than finding and hiring applicants. Advertising for positions is a major financial portfolio for any company. One of HR responsibilities is to get it down as much as possible by optimizing their job advertisement methodology. Any of the latest recruitment software easily provides actionable data on the effectiveness of any job posting like the type of candidates it would attract, the number of applicants, the number of applicants making it through initial interviews etc. For recruiting purpose and analysis, it easily provides reports of key recruiting metrics like source of hire, time taken to fill the vacancy, cost incurred per hire at various levels etc. This detailed information makes it easy for any organization to make better decisions and enhance and improve their bottom line.

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