In the future, not more than perhaps three decades from now your social online interaction will not be on a computer screen, rather it will involve an interface, sometimes an embedded chip in your brain. You and your friends can “thought swap” to send messages, not text messages but full on visuals, and since a picture is worth 1000 words, you will be able to communicate so fast your head will spin. Of course, some hacker will come along, or the government will want to make sure you are only thinking proper thoughts. Okay so let's talk about this for second shall we?

No, I'm not trying to scare you into some type of future scenario, or science fiction horror thriller, I'm just telling you what the capabilities of the technology will be in the future. Thus, sometimes we should talk a little bit about privacy laws in the future concept that your thoughts will be monitored, so be careful what you're thinking. There is an interesting book you should read titled; “Privacy” by Garrett Keizer which talks about the state of the current technology, big data, big marketers, and government snooping all the name of homeland security. It's well worth a read, and therefore I recommend it.

Now then, if you have a chip in your brain, you'll have to learn how to hide certain thoughts, but if you have too much white matter, or you are bipolar and the two hemispheres of your brain are constantly communicating, you will not be able to hide those thoughts at all, or keep them to yourself. Therefore those that can keep their thoughts to themselves, or hide those thoughts within their brain, maybe they have some sort of brain disorder or the right enzyme ratios leading to the proper gene expression, well, they'll have the advantage.

With this advantage will come greater social mobility, greater wealth, and perpendicular to the same line as the famous Dr. Hare's research on psychopaths. Because these individuals will have the advantage, they are likely to spur on more offspring, or create more clones of themselves, therefore there will be an overall decrease in the white matter of the most successful people. Of course, I'm just taking this out and playing it into the future considering some of the potential possibilities – who knows how the future will actually unfold, but realize I also dabble in science fiction writing.

Neverheless, evolution always favors the gene expressions with the advantage so, in this case being able to hide thoughts from the implanted chip will become invaluable to maintaining privacy. Those that can maintain their privacy will definitely have the advantage. We are already seeing that today. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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